dan van daan

About Dan Van Daan

Hello, this is Dan Van Daan,

from the videoshootingit all startet with a video-game: Beach Life. I loved the soundtrack. Especially Pacific Memories from Fenomenon. So I bought the complete album and played it all the time - what a nice summer.

I regocnized early the special thing with this music: All tracks on Pacific Memories are working with only two different chords. Nevertheless, they sound very musical, lounging and brilliant. Strong harmonies, jazzy guitar-solos, groovy beats and a dense atmosphere of musicality and vacation poured out of my loudspeakers. I always was a producer so I decided to honor this style of music and try to do this on my own; and here we are.

from the videoshootingThe work (mostly) of Dan Van Daan is a tribute to Fenomenon and the other acts of sophisticated lounge music.

And why is my debut-album called Dyade? Dyad(e) is a fixed term in biology, music, literatrue, sociology, math  and other departments. It means two: a set of two things... Fits fine, right? We here call this style of lounge-music dyade.

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Have a nice summer!

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